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About Amnesty TV

by Neil Boorman, 0 Comments

Amnesty TV is a new video magazine show that’s available to watch online for free. It’s a mix of satirical comedy, campaign stunts, short documentaries, outspoken opinion and real news. Amnesty has teamed up with an all-star list of journalists, comedians, cartoonists, filmmakers and pranksters to produce the show, which runs every other Friday on this website and our YouTube channel.

Amnesty International started out as a small network of activists working together to get things done. 50 years and 3 million members later, Amnesty is building a new social network online. And with Amnesty TV, we’re using our freedom of expression to protect those who have none.

In Brief

  • Amnesty TV is produced by Amnesty International UK.
  • It’s a fortnightly magazine programme around 15 minutes long.
  • We cover UK and international news and issues.
  • All stories are rooted in Amnesty’s human rights campaigns.
  • Our information is based on Amnesty International primary research.
  • The programme strands – news, the facts, campaigns, mischief, perspectives – offer information, explanations, pranks and debate.
  • We want people to get involved on Facebook or by joining Amnesty.
  • Leading voices in journalism, arts and culture contribute independent views to our programmes.